Fundraising Forms


Our Ordering Procedure

  1. Get the price from Seamus Byrne; by email, phone, or using the form to the left. The prices vary slightly from year to year based on supply and demand.
  2. The Price to the customer should give a minimum profit of $10.00 / large case (4/5 of a bushel, 40 pound case).
  3. Get the order forms out to the sellers via download below, email and/or hard copy.
  4. Plan a two week selling period. The Campaign finishes on a Friday three weeks before the date of the fruit arrival.
  5. Plan to delegate motivational and collecting jobs to other members/students, parents and teachers.
  6. Have at least three collection days during the two week selling period.


Seller Responsibilities:

Day of Delivery

  1. Have a group organized to unload a truck at the drop off time arranged. Generally it takes approximately 30 minutes to unload the fruit
  2. Have a place to store the fruit for a few hours, or overnight, while the customers come to the pick up location.

MOTIVATE Make the sale period FUN & EXCITING for the participants Constantly contact sellers &motivate during selling period Have contests, games, and rewards for sales